Friday, March 18, 2011

Press Release: GuideStar Acquire Two Social Impact Organizations

According to a GuideStar press release, the nonprofit data giant has announced plans to acquire two social impact organizations: Philanthropedia and Social Actions.  The release goes on to say that the acquisition of these two organizations will help improve GuideStar's "leading role in the nonprofit industry by adding to its growing knowledge base of tools, data and information designed to advance transparency within the nonprofit sector."  GuideStar President and CEO Bob Ottenhoff had this to say about the acquisition:

"The acquisition of Philanthropedia and Social Actions will further our ability to better serve both donors and nonprofits with tools, knowledge and data to inform best practices within the nonprofit sector and to encourage and inspire well-informed giving from donors."

GuideStar also announced plans to integrate Philanthropedia's Expert Review System into their existing data platforms.  However, the original Philanthropedia team will be retained, and the transition is expected to be smooth.

As for Social Actions, which is one of the leading companies for peer-to-peer giving, their mission will remain the same.  In fact, GuideStar launched a micro-site created with the same quality of open-source technolgy called TakeAction recently.  As such, there should be a seamless transition as Social Actions becomes a part of the GuideStar team.  Peter Deitz, co-founder of Social Actions, will work with GuideStar over the coming months to make sure that all of the organizations programs are intgrated into GuideStar's network.

GuideStar expects the acquisition of Social Actions to be completed by later this month.  Philanthropedia, on the other hand, will be acquired by mid-April.

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