Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Getting good at finding funds

Some boards are good at fundraising. Some could use a little extra help. Still others aren't at all comfortable with fundraising or don't consider it part of their job as board members.

At a fundraising conference earlier this year, Don Crocker, CEO of the Support Center for Nonprofit Management, suggested ways to help your board be more successful when it comes to fundraising. The New York City-based center offers consulting, transition management and training for nonprofits and philanthropic organizations.

Crocker presented a sample description of the duties of a nonprofit's Board Development Committee:
  • Ensure the board and staff create a vision of the organization's financial future and understand the financial implications for fundraising and financial development.
  • Codify the short- and long-term funding imperatives of the organization with the help of the full board and executive director.
  • Research approaches used by similar nonprofits to meet their goals and present them to the board.
  • Coordinate role-playing opportunities and training for board members on such approaches to fundraising as corporate solicitation, foundation giving, proposal development, etc., as appropriate to the situation.
  • Involve the entire board in fundraising and organize fundraising activities that take into consideration each board member's unique talents.
  • Review progress on fundraising goals and motivate board members in their fundraising efforts.
  • Make personal donations and ensure that fellow board members do as well.
  • Identify, cultivate and enlist community leaders to serve on the development committee.

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