Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Featured Nonprofit Job: Development Manager

We hope that everybody has great plans to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. Before you sit down for a hearty meal of turkey, why not take a look at the latest featured nonprofit job posted on our career center?

The American Lung Association (ALA) is looking to hire a Development Manager to lead fundraising efforts in the South Florida area. This position is also responsible for obtaining local development goals through collaboration with local volunteers and community and corporate leaders. Finally, the development manager will assist in recruiting and supporting volunteers for area specific fundraising/subcommittee assignments, assisting in promoting the ALA to local community and training volunteers in fundraising techniques.

Before you click that "apply" button, make sure that you meet the following requirements laid out by the ALA:
  • Bachelor's degree in related field;
  • Minimum of three years experience in special event fundraising, community outreach, and committee development;
  • Experience in corporate development and third party fundraising;
  • Excellent verbal, writing, and computer skills; and,
  • Extensive local and occasional overnight travel required and must have reliable transportation.
If you think you have what it takes to be a Development Manager, head to our career center for instructions on how to apply.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nonprofit Hospital To Pay Syracuse For City Services

The mayor of Syracuse, N.Y., announced today that one of the city's nonprofit hospitals has agreed to pay $50,000 for four years to help cover the cost for services such as snow plowing.

Crouse Hospital becomes only the second tax-exempt institution to agree to make payments in lieu of taxes (PILOTs) to the city after Mayor Stephanie Miner urged the city's nonprofits to help the cash-strapped city, according to an article in The Syracuse Post-Standard. The other organization to agree to such payments was Syracuse University (SU), which will pay $500,000 over five years.

Between the two agreements, Syracuse will generate $2.7 million in revenue over the next five years.

"Crouse Hospital understands we cannot succeed as a city without our large non-profit institutions and that our large non-profit institutions cannot succeed without a vital and healthy city,” said Mayor Stephanie A. Miner in a press release. "This agreement shows Crouse’s leadership and how important it is to have strong partnerships with our leading employers—our nonprofits—to ensure we can move this community forward in challenging times."

The push to get more of the tax-exempt organization in Syracuse -- 50 percent of properties in the city fall under this classification -- is part of Miner's efforts to convince Albany that the city is doing all it can to resolve its current fiscal problems. The state government is reluctant to offer assistance until it gets those assurances.

In a letter to the city's nonprofits dated Nov. 1, Miner wrote that she believes that "our local efforts will not be complete until we as a community demonstrate that ALL our major nonprofit institutions are adopting the same bold thinking we are asking Albany to consider."

So far, however, the mayor has only gotten Crouse and SU to agree to make voluntary payments. Organizations including St. Joseph's Hospital Center and the State College of Environmental Science and Forestry have already rebuffed Miner's calls for payments.

Syracuse is among a growing list of cities that have called on nonprofits to make payments in lieu of taxes to help with fiscal issues. In October, the government of Pittsburgh, Pa., began dialogue with local tax-exempt organizations to make contributions to the city.

New Foundation Grant Opportunities

We continue to add new grant opportunities to The NonProfit Times Grant Page. Specifically, we have added three new categories (Education, Community Building, and Social Entrepreneurship) and uploaded four new grants. While the majority of our first batch of listings were mainly from government organizations such as the Food and Drug Administration, our latest additions are from foundations.

Below is one of the four new grant opportunities we posted on our site:

Type of Grant: Education
Grant Name: Community Action Grants Program
Agency(s): AAUW
Closing Date for Applications: Jan. 15, 2013


The AAUW Community Action Grants Program provides funds to AAUW state organizations as well as local community-based nonprofits for innovative programs or non-degree research projects that promote education and equity for women and girls.

Eligible Organizations:

Eligible nonprofits must be based in the United States and projects must have a direct public impact on the issue of education equality for women and girls. In addition, they must be non-partisan and take place within the U.S. or its territories. Preference will be given to projects focused on K-12 and community college girls’ and women’s achievements in science, technology, engineering or math.

There are two types of grants available: One-year ($2,000 to $7,000 in funds) or two-year grants ($5,000 to $10,000 in funds). The former provides seed money for new projects while the latter provides start-up funds for longer-term projects. You can apply for these opportunities at

You can see the other opportunities we have listed by visiting our Grants Page.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Wanted: Executive Director For California Nonprofit

Executive Directors are some of the more important employees at a nonprofit. Now, thanks to a new featured job from the Nonprofit Job Seeker, there's a great opportunity to fill this major role.

The Mary Magdalene Project (MMP), a nonprofit that provides women who have been victimized by domestic trafficking a chance to turn their lives around, is looking to hire an Executive Director. Reporting to the Board of Directors, this position will have the following responsibilities in the organization:

  • Ensure ongoing local programmatic excellence, rigorous program evaluation, and consistent quality of finance and administration, fundraising, communications, and systems; recommend timelines and resources needed to achieve the strategic goals.
  • Actively engage and energize MMP volunteers, board members, committees, alumni, partnering organizations, and funders.
  • Develop, maintain, and support a strong Board of Directors: serve as ex-officio of each committee, seek and build board involvement with strategic direction for both ongoing operations as well as for expansion throughout Los Angeles and adjacent counties.
  • Lead, coach, develop, and retain MMP professional team.
  •  Ensure effective systems to track progress, and regularly evaluate program components, so as to measure successes that can be effectively communicated to the board, funders, and other constituents.
  • Expand local revenue generating and fundraising activities to support existing program operations and regional expansion.
  • Deepen and refine all aspects of communications—from web presence to external relations with the goal of expanding awareness of MMP’s programs and services.
  • Use external presence and relationships to garner new opportunities.
  • Design and complete a strategic business planning process for funding MMP’s existing programs and the implementation of new programs as well as the expansion into a wider geographical area.
You can read more about this job, including information on how you can apply, by heading to our career center.

Top 20 Employee Benefits Offered By NY Nonprofits

The nonprofit jobs that were most likely to receive bonus pay were examined in a post last week. Today, we will take a look at some of the non-cash perks that are given to employees.

Benefits given by organizations in one state are not necessarily the same in another. Nowhere is this more true than in New York, home to some of the most diverse groups of nonprofits in the country. In The NonProfit Times' 2012 New York Nonprofits Salary and Benefits Report, employee benefits are studied at the many organizations based in the Empire State. From the large organizations in the heart of Manhattan to the government-related groups in Albany, nonprofits in this state give a wide range of perks to their workers.

Based on the 34,243 individuals surveyed for this report, we were able to determine that the following 20 benefits were the most common among New York nonprofits:

  • Paid Company Holidays -- 87.99%
  • Medical Insurance Coverage -- 87.39%
  • Retirement Benefits -- 78.80%
  • Paid Vacation -- 78.21%
  • Paid Sick Leave -- 75.14%
  • Paid Bereavement Time -- 69.55%
  • Dental Insurance Coverage -- 61.58%
  • Paid Personal Days -- 61.45%
  • Flextime -- 46.55%
  • Basic Life Insurance -- 43.79%
  • Flexible Spending Account Benefit -- 39.78%
  • Short-Term Disability -- 36.39%
  • Free/Subsidized Parking -- 33.74%
  • Business Casual Days -- 33.00%
  • Paid Floating Holidays -- 32.12%
  • Long-Term Disability -- 30.77%
  • Domestic Partner Coverage -- 30.54%
  • Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) -- 28.08%
  • Full-Time Business Causal Policy -- 25.37%
  • Paid Association/Professional Society Dues -- 24.48%
You can purchase the New York Nonprofits Salary and Benefits Report, as well as our other four studies, on our online store.