Friday, November 16, 2012

10 Nonprofit Positions Most Likely To Receive Bonus Pay

Though they usually get most of the attention, nonprofit executives are not always the most likely to receive bonus pay from their organizations. As our 2012 Salary and Benefits Reports reveal, there are many positions that are also in the running for bonuses.

Bonuses come in many different forms but for the purposes of this post, we are referring to those that increase the salary of the employee. Keep in mind that having one of the jobs listed below does not guarantee you are going to be given a bonus. All this shows is that, from the 103,005 nonprofit employees we surveyed across the country, these positions were deemed most likely to get bonus pay. While some of these 10 positions will not surprise you, others may be more of a shock.

Top 10 Positions Most Likely to Receive Bonus Pay:
  • Scientific Journal Communications Manager -- 60.00%
  • Chief Medical Officer -- 50.00%
  • Order Picker -- 45.45%
  • Regional Area Income Development VP/Director -- 43.75%
  • Area Manager -- 43.75%
  • Vocational or Placement Counselor -- 43.48%
  • Chief Marketing Officer -- 41.67%
  • Chief Operating Officer/Associate Executive Director -- 41.30%
  • Meetings & Events Manager/Planner -- 41.07%
  • Print Shop Manager -- 40.00%
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