Monday, March 23, 2009

Plan to Sell “Toxic Assets” Announced

Today in Washington the Obama Administration announced the new plan to deal with the so called “toxic assets” that have been at the root of the economic crisis. To free up lending, this new program plans to attract private investors by offering low-cost loans from the FDIC and the Federal Reserve.

The way the program would work is that a private investors would purchase of a bunch of bad mortgage loans by putting up 6 percent of the cost. The FDIC would cover 84 percent of the cost of a loan and the remainder of 6 percent would be taken from the $700 billion in Federal bailout money.

This new program appears to get the nod from Wall Street. Many people have wondered whether Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner would be able to recover from his first failed attempt, on Feb. 10, to unveil a bailout initiative. There was a stunning disappointment from the lack of detail. Wall Street showed that disappointment with huge losses that day.

The Obama Administration wants to get the new program out there and test the success of the program before asking for more money from Congress. They put in a placeholder request of an additional $750 billion; however voters are not so keen on further bail outs after the AIG bonus scandal.

Nonprofits have seen the usually generous public pull back on gift giving due to fears about the troubled economy. Hopefully, this program will help to get the economy back on track and get the lending going again.

Will this program help nonprofits by shoring up public confidence? Tell us what you think.