Monday, November 1, 2010

Donors Ain’t Broke

Who says the economy is in the tank? You’d never know it with all of the money pouring into the political campaigns. And, organizations all over the country are announcing massive campaigns, several eclipsing the $1 billion mark.

Capital campaign donations are fundraising’s luxury gifts. "In the hierarchy of fundraising, capital campaign gifts rank the highest because they usually have the highest monetary level of any gift any organization will receive, according to consultant Laura Fredricks.

The purpose is to raise a substantial amount of money during a specific time period so that the organization can achieve new heights," she wrote in her book, "The Ask: How to Ask Anyone for Any Amount for any Purpose."

A capital campaign gives donors a chance to boost the presence, stature and success of an organization and undertake bold, new projects. Now that the campaigns are almost over, here are 10 ways to push yours forward:

* The fundraising goals are ambitious.
* It asks people to make stretch gifts.
* It drives the entire focus and direction of the organization until the campaign goals are met.
* It coincides with and complements the organization's strategic plan.
* It includes all types of existing fundraising programs, such as annual, major and planned gift programs.
* It is well organized, with a beginning, middle and end.
* It causes the organization to expand its volunteer base.
* It serves as a means to get prospects and donors to give now.
* It is a highly cost-effective way to raise substantial money.
* It can create a positive change in the culture of the organization.