Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Finding Out The Latest In Nonprofit Management Just Got Easier!

The NonProfit Times, the leading publication for nonprofit management, has created an easy viewing, online TV broadcast to bring you exciting and relevant information.

The NonProfit Times' TV broadcast is an easy to use format that brings you up to date information every two weeks. Taking no more than 10 minutes to be viewed, you will find that the broadcasts are informative, relevant and professionally created.

View the complete broadcast, watch older broadcasts in our Webcast Archive or view each broadcast in segments with our feature video library . You can browse by category or search for videos using keywords.

Some of the feature video topics include:

Budget Reduction Study ,
A new survey reveals steps organizations take when reducing budgets

Tax Form 1099 Amendments
The US Senate rejected proposed amendments to the federal information Form 1099

Will Study
Exclusive results from The NonProfit Times' study on wills and leaving money to charity.

The NonProfit Times TV broadcasts every two weeks. Our next cast is on October 20. Even though our casts our every two weeks, the latest broadcast is always available, just go to view it from your desktop, laptop, iPad or Smartphone.