Thursday, January 20, 2011

Taking a strategic approach towards fundraising

For many nonprofits, the matter of fundraising can often pose a significant challenge. The business of identifying new donors can be a bit daunting, and having a focused strategy in place can remove a lot of the guesswork and aid in maximizing charitable contributions. For those who are keen on discovering effective ways of going about the business of prospect researching, this video is a must see. Many nonprofits are pleasantly surprised to discover how easy it can be to identify new donors, when an effective plan of action is in place.

Using the world wide web to full effect
A vast amount of information relevant to potential planned giving candidates can be accessed in the public domain, and the internet represents a powerful tool for obtaining this information. Resources such as corporate insider information, other nonprofit websites and news releases can shed light on a companies capacity to donate, as well as any philanthropic interests that it has demonstrated in the past. A variety of free online databases can be found, and in addition to these, local public libraries also contain a wealth of information.

Contemplating the purchase of fee-based tools
A variety of resources exist, as highlighted in the video, that can significantly simplify the matter of searching for new donors. It has been said that those who fail to plan, plan to fail, and this is certainly true as it relates to planned giving strategies. This video provides nonprofits with resourceful ways that they may never have considered before of making contact with new donors. With a little bit of research, nonprofits can enjoy a much greater measure of donations Taking a look at this video today could represent an important first step towards a nonprofit maximizing its fundraising potential.

A Convio survey sheds light on fundraising statistics

If you are interested to know what fund-raising figures look like for the year ahead, and what sorts of channels will be utilized in making donations, then you will definitely find this video to be informative. A new survey has recently been conducted by Convio that sheds light on what sorts of figures can be expected in the future, and what channels Americans will be making use of as it relates to their charitable contributions. According to the survey, approximately $48 billion will be donated in the year ahead across the full spectrum of donation channels including direct mail, online contributions and checkout counters at a variety of retail stores.

The positive impact of the nonprofit sector on the economy
According to a statement released by the president of the Association of fundraising professionals, these donation figures paint a pretty positive picture. Each year the nonprofit sector contributes 5% of GDP, and also provides employment for 10% of the American workforce. Fundraising initiatives, particularly the giving season at the end of the year, are incredibly important for ensuring the stability and success of the various organizations that comprise the nonprofit sector. The positive impact that the nonprofit sector has on the national economy as a whole can barely be overstated.

How and how much Americans are giving
The survey found that an average of $281 could be expected to be spread across two or more charitable organizations. Some of the primary giving channels include direct mail, as well as social networking infrastructures. As much as $6 billion is expected to be donated over the Internet. This figure represents a boost of 30% over the identical period in 2009. For those who are curious about what the fundraising landscape might look like over the coming year, this video sure to provide some useful information and insight.

Celebrities join the worldwide fight against HIV and AIDS

The singer Alicia Keys has created a project aimed at supporting families in Africa and India which have been affected by HIV and AIDS. She's called it “Keep A Child Alive”. This video highlights some of the innovative steps that celebrities are taking to lend their support to creating awareness about this worldwide health dilemma. Some of the names that have joined forces with Keys in this endeavor are Serena Williams, Lady Gaga and Usher.

Avoiding social networking for a day
A number of celebrities are committed to staying away from social media devices and applications for a day in a move aimed at fundraising in aid of the AIDS awareness initiative that Alicia Keys has created. Other names that have lent their support to the event are Elijah Wood, Justin Timberlake and Kim Kardashian, to name a few. Each of the celebrities in question have committed to raising one million dollars each in aid of HIV and AIDS research, and in tangibly bettering the lives of those who suffer from this illness. It is an online marketing strategy that is sure to bring in a huge amount of support for this worthy cause.

Making a bold statement
As part of their efforts to encourage charitable donations on the part of their fans, each celebrity has created what has been dubbed a Last Tweet and Testament video which will be used in ads in which they can be seen stretched out in a coffin. This striking move is sure to grab the attention of millions of fans around the world, and hopefully inspire a huge amount of donations. Alicia Key has stated that it's important to utilize the power of social media tools in raising awareness about this important issue. This is certainly a video worth watching if you are in any way interested in playing a part in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Record Fundraising Levels Expected In Alaska

Record levels of charitable organizations are getting involved in what is known as the 'Pick. Click. Give.' program which forms part of Alaskans' Permanent Fund Dividend or PFD application. The programs make it possible for recipients to donate part of their PFD to a variety of nonprofit groups. Alaskan residents receive an annual check based on oil-punted estates. As much as 386 nonprofit organizations are signed up to receive donations this year, a figure which is up by approximately 6% from the year before. Organizes of the fundraising drive have set a target of $1.5 million, a 50% increase over the previous year.

Many nonprofits stand to benefit
In 2010, about 9,500 of all Alaskans donated a part or all of their dividends as funding for various charitable organizations. The administrative expenditures related to the drive are being covered by the Rasmuson Foundation. Bearing in mind the vast range of charitable groups that are signed up to receive donations, donors are bound to find a cause that tugs a heart-string that they would be able to support with enthusiasm. When people go online to apply for their PFD, they will see the option to participate in the 'Pick. Click. Give' fundraising program.

Dipping Into Diaper Reserves In Minnesota

A nonprofit group in Blaine Minnesota is planning what is labeling as the biggest diaper drive in all of America. The event will take place at the Mall of America in Bloomington. The nonprofit in question is known as The Diaper Drive, and they embrace the fun and witty slogan of 'No Child Wet Behind', which is of course a spoof of the 'No Child Left Behind' Motto of the national education administration.

What the group hopes to achieve
The Diaper Drive is positioning itself as the leading advocacy group for the need for diapers. They hope that the fundraising event will bring in at least 200,000 diapers, as well as increase public awareness regarding this constant need. The Diaper Drive is happy to receive disposable and fabric-based diapers from newborn to adult sizes, and appeals to a generous public to help them in meeting their targets. The group is active in a number of locations in the state and beyond.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Celebrities Stepping Up To The Charitable Plate

The group known as recently released its latest top 10 list, based on people who have made extraordinary contributions to charitable causes during 2010. That is the subject matter of this video that sheds light on the increasing amount of charitable efforts undertaken by a variety of celebrities. Lady Gaga topped the list at the number one spot for her involvement in gay rights and her call for the end of the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy. Lady Gaga has been actively involved in a variety of other charities, channeling the proceeds from her involvement to HIV and AIDS research and care programs.

The list goes on
A number of other well known personalities embraced personal involvement in charitable endeavors in 2010. Alicia Keys took the 2nd spot on the list for her work with her 'Keep A Child Alive' campaign focused on providing support for HIV and AIDS victims around the world. Providing support and encouragement for victims of floods was what earned singer Taylor Swift the number three spot on the list, a cause that she has donated half a million dollars towards. A focus on the tragic and urgent issue of child sex trafficking was what earned Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore the number four spot on the list.

Other individuals who made the top 10 list were Matt Damon for his efforts to bring clean drinking water and sanitation infrastructures to the Third World. Leonardo DiCaprio made a significant contribution in 2010 towards saving endangered tigers, and was also involved in raising awareness regarding global warming and other environmental issues. Justin Bieber is another celebrity who made the list as a result of his charitable fundraising efforts. Be sure to view the video to see what good work some of your favorite celebrities have been involved in.

Pacelle Talks To Nonprofit Times About Michael Vick And The Humane Society

Michael Vick, the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles has been all over the news recently in the wake of his time spent in federal prison because of organizing a dog fighting ring. The CEO of The Humane Society, Wayne Pacelle has been the object of a great deal of criticism because of statements he has made that suggest that Vick could be a responsible and proper pet or dog owner after a suitable period of probation and the necessary change in attitude and behavior towards animals. This is the subject of this highly informative video in which Pacelle volunteers his time in an exclusive interview with Nonprofit Times. In this interview, Pacelle responds to, among other things, calls from the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) for his resignation.

In a recent publication of the New York Times, the CCF took out a full-page advertisement calling for the resignation of Pacelle when the Eagles were in New Jersey for a game against the Giants. Pacelle is not rolling over and playing dead, and is undeterred by the various accusations being leveled against him. According to Pacelle, his interaction with Vick have revealed a man who is deeply remorseful with regard to the cruelty he has exercised against animals, and who is determined to be involved in work that raises awareness about the importance of treating animals with proper care.

In his interview with The Nonprofit Times, Pacelle stated that he does not entertain these calls for his resignation. He mentioned the fact that the Humane Society faces a consistent barrage of attacks from funded groups, including the CCF, who is determined to undermine the work they are committed to against various animal exploitation industries in America. According to Pacelle, organizations like CCF are nothing more than a front for those who have an agenda of attacking legitimate advocacy groups. Be sure to take a look at this interesting video, and hear the story straight from the source.