Monday, January 17, 2011

Pacelle Talks To Nonprofit Times About Michael Vick And The Humane Society

Michael Vick, the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles has been all over the news recently in the wake of his time spent in federal prison because of organizing a dog fighting ring. The CEO of The Humane Society, Wayne Pacelle has been the object of a great deal of criticism because of statements he has made that suggest that Vick could be a responsible and proper pet or dog owner after a suitable period of probation and the necessary change in attitude and behavior towards animals. This is the subject of this highly informative video in which Pacelle volunteers his time in an exclusive interview with Nonprofit Times. In this interview, Pacelle responds to, among other things, calls from the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) for his resignation.

In a recent publication of the New York Times, the CCF took out a full-page advertisement calling for the resignation of Pacelle when the Eagles were in New Jersey for a game against the Giants. Pacelle is not rolling over and playing dead, and is undeterred by the various accusations being leveled against him. According to Pacelle, his interaction with Vick have revealed a man who is deeply remorseful with regard to the cruelty he has exercised against animals, and who is determined to be involved in work that raises awareness about the importance of treating animals with proper care.

In his interview with The Nonprofit Times, Pacelle stated that he does not entertain these calls for his resignation. He mentioned the fact that the Humane Society faces a consistent barrage of attacks from funded groups, including the CCF, who is determined to undermine the work they are committed to against various animal exploitation industries in America. According to Pacelle, organizations like CCF are nothing more than a front for those who have an agenda of attacking legitimate advocacy groups. Be sure to take a look at this interesting video, and hear the story straight from the source.

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