Monday, January 17, 2011

Celebrities Stepping Up To The Charitable Plate

The group known as recently released its latest top 10 list, based on people who have made extraordinary contributions to charitable causes during 2010. That is the subject matter of this video that sheds light on the increasing amount of charitable efforts undertaken by a variety of celebrities. Lady Gaga topped the list at the number one spot for her involvement in gay rights and her call for the end of the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy. Lady Gaga has been actively involved in a variety of other charities, channeling the proceeds from her involvement to HIV and AIDS research and care programs.

The list goes on
A number of other well known personalities embraced personal involvement in charitable endeavors in 2010. Alicia Keys took the 2nd spot on the list for her work with her 'Keep A Child Alive' campaign focused on providing support for HIV and AIDS victims around the world. Providing support and encouragement for victims of floods was what earned singer Taylor Swift the number three spot on the list, a cause that she has donated half a million dollars towards. A focus on the tragic and urgent issue of child sex trafficking was what earned Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore the number four spot on the list.

Other individuals who made the top 10 list were Matt Damon for his efforts to bring clean drinking water and sanitation infrastructures to the Third World. Leonardo DiCaprio made a significant contribution in 2010 towards saving endangered tigers, and was also involved in raising awareness regarding global warming and other environmental issues. Justin Bieber is another celebrity who made the list as a result of his charitable fundraising efforts. Be sure to view the video to see what good work some of your favorite celebrities have been involved in.

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