Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Convio survey sheds light on fundraising statistics

If you are interested to know what fund-raising figures look like for the year ahead, and what sorts of channels will be utilized in making donations, then you will definitely find this video to be informative. A new survey has recently been conducted by Convio that sheds light on what sorts of figures can be expected in the future, and what channels Americans will be making use of as it relates to their charitable contributions. According to the survey, approximately $48 billion will be donated in the year ahead across the full spectrum of donation channels including direct mail, online contributions and checkout counters at a variety of retail stores.

The positive impact of the nonprofit sector on the economy
According to a statement released by the president of the Association of fundraising professionals, these donation figures paint a pretty positive picture. Each year the nonprofit sector contributes 5% of GDP, and also provides employment for 10% of the American workforce. Fundraising initiatives, particularly the giving season at the end of the year, are incredibly important for ensuring the stability and success of the various organizations that comprise the nonprofit sector. The positive impact that the nonprofit sector has on the national economy as a whole can barely be overstated.

How and how much Americans are giving
The survey found that an average of $281 could be expected to be spread across two or more charitable organizations. Some of the primary giving channels include direct mail, as well as social networking infrastructures. As much as $6 billion is expected to be donated over the Internet. This figure represents a boost of 30% over the identical period in 2009. For those who are curious about what the fundraising landscape might look like over the coming year, this video sure to provide some useful information and insight.

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