Friday, March 18, 2011

City Year CEO and Co-Founder Talks Volunteerism

Note: This is a summary of a past story from NPTtv about how volunteerism can help solve problems.

Michael Brown wants Americans to know how important volunteering is, and he came to The Nonprofit Times TV to share his views on the subject.  The CEO and co-founder of the volunteer organization City Year talked about how being involved in "volunteerism" can help solve everyday problems. 

Brown thinks that volunteering is essential to the "spirit of America" especially, he says, in recent years.  He cites how the so-called "millennial generation" is growing up with service in their lives, and how all Americans these days are signing up to volunteer in droves.  Brown's own organization has actually seen three times the amount of young people volunteering.  He also cites President Barack Obama's call for Americans to serve more as a turning point for volunteerism.

Brown ends by saying that, despite all of this good news, more Americans are still needed to volunteer.  He says that if we all unite together to help our communities, we can make this country a better place.  And he's right, of course.  We all need to give back to our community and there are so many different ways that we can do this.

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