Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sue Ellis Talks about Volunteering Trends

Note: This is a summary of an older story from NPTtv about Volunteering Trends.

In the latest installment of NPTtv's "Tip of the Week," Susan Ellis, President and CEO of Energize Inc, talks about the latest trends in volunteering.  One that she mentions is the continuing emphasis on single days of service, especially by corporations.  Ellis opines that we are also seeing the rise of less than a day of service, because of the rise of so-called "micro-volunteering" opportunities.  These are specific activities that people can do online or via their cellphone.  Because of this, she explains, we are seeing an "ever decreasing" amount of time devoted to service.

On the other hand, she is also seeing pro-bono and consulting volunteering being talked about more these days.  Unlike the single (or less than a single) day of service being pushed, these types of volunteering activities are much more long term and require a lot more attention from the individual pursuing them.  Ellis finds it interesting that these two very different kinds of volunteer trends are happening at the same time.  So on the one hand, it is somewhat discouraging that there is such a push for this decreased service time.  However, it is also very encouraging that more and more people are exploring these longer term service projects.

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