Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Information About Emerging Philanthropy In The US

Note: This is a summary of an old story from NPTtv about Philanthropy in the US.

Most of the philanthropy occurring in the United States is based on European tradition. The African-American population has been present in America for some time now, and now has a significant proportion of affluent individuals who are contemplating their own legacies. This segment of the population is generally very connected to church movements, and women play a significant role in decision making in many families.
The Hispanic community in America is also focused on their new home and the role they play in it. They represent a generous segment of society who are increasingly growing and thriving as entrepreneurs. The Asian-American community represents the fastest growing immigrant group in the United States, and they arrive in this country with their own unique views relating to philanthropy. A growing amount of consumer, media and philanthropic research will be helpful in more effectively understanding the philanthropic role these communities play within the nonprofit sector.

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