Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Detroit Benefits From Nonprofit Intervention

Note: This is a summary from an older NPTtv story about how nonprofits are helping the Detroit auto industry.

For some time now Detroit has become conveniently representative of all that is problematic with the US economy, the country's inner cities and the idle American workforce. It has become a focal point for a variety of issues including obesity, home foreclosures and unemployment. Various nonprofit organizations are partnering with each other and with the city in an effort to bring about a positive turn around.
Charities aiming to revive a struggling city

It is estimated that hundreds of millions, even billions of dollars are being invested in efforts to effect healthy change in the city and its demographics, as well as in the adjacent South East Michigan area. The exact budgets involved are hard to determine with accuracy because no official records are being kept and there is no real collection of results among the various organizations that are working to redeem the city. According to the Michigan Nonprofit Association, around 60 community enhancement organizations are at work within the city. The Council of Michigan Foundations further reports that $107.7 million in grant funds has been paid out for the Metro-Detroit area over the last year.

The most recent strategies of the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan have focused boosting the east side communities along the river-front. The intention is to create one of the longest developed river-fronts in the United States. The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan along with the Kresge Foundation has contributed over $17 million in grants towards this development strategy.

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