Monday, March 21, 2011

Chemung County Nonprofit Raises Money for Veterans Monument

According to a report by the Star, a new nonprofit organization has been created to help raise money for a Veterans Monument in Chemung County, New York.  The organization, Chemung County Veterans Monument Inc, was created late last year, but just received nonprofit status this year.  The monument itself was planned four years ago by Bohdan Pankevych, a veteran who lives in Chemung County, and the organization was created to help him fufill that goal.

Although Pankevych has an idea in mind for what the monument should look like the chairman of Chemung County Veterans Monument, Robert Williams, will not commit to that final design:

"Is this the final thing that we want? We don't really know.  There's pros and cons to the big black monument. It may be harder to see than we want it to be.
Williams also says that his organization will probably have to raise about $500,000, though just half of that will be required to build it.  He says the rest of the money is needed for perpetual upkeep and maintenance, so that it never becomes a problem for the county.  The first hurdle for the monument is to buy land for it, which will hopefully be overcome soon.

Read the full article at the Star Gazette's website.

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