Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nonprofits to Get Secure Vault Payment Service

Today, eWise announced plans to expand its Secure Vault Payment service to the nonprofit sector.  The announcement, made at the 48th annual AFP Conference, also mentions that FamilySearch International signed a pilot agreement with a US Bank to be the first nonprofit organization to try the service.

Secure Vault Payment is a service that allows companies to make online payments in the safest environment possible.  The use of this in the nonprofit sector will be a huge boon to organizations that are concerned about the safety of their payments.  It will also be useful for NPOs because it enables donors to make all of their online donations through any financial institution's banking site without enrolling, registering or sharing any account information with the NPO.  As such, it will be beneficial for organization's to advertise the fact that they use Secure Vault Payment service, so that donors know that their information will be secure.

More information about Secure Vault Payment service can be found at their website, http://www.ewise.com/.

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