Monday, September 19, 2011

Management Tip: Firing Up Your Board Members

Did you know board members can be very successful fundraisers?  Given the right opportunity, they can do a lot to help your organization raise money.  What can nonprofits do to use their boards to their full potential?  The answer is simple: Fire them up!  OK, maybe that's a little vague.  Onto the bullet points!

* VIP Prospect List -- Have them write down the 10 most important people they know who could catapult the organization.

* Host Small Socials -- Don’t just solicit people for money, have a good time during it while having a party.

* Host Tours -- Invite board members to have friends tour program sites together, while having them call their friends the next day to get their impressions.

* Thank You Calls -- One out of 10 gifts comes from board members making a thank you call after 24 hours of receiving the gift. After the next solicitation, those who gave, gave 39 percent more, and after 14 months gave 42 percent more.

Want to learn more on this topic?  Read the full article over at our management tips page.

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