Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How A Hobby Became An Online Mission

Can you imagine spending 2 hours every day compiling articles and information about the September 11th attacks?  That's what Arnie Korotkin has been doing since the attacks on that fateful day.  Korotkin, who is an adjunct professor of sociology at Montclair State University in New Jersey, is the creator of the largest 9/11 list-serve in the country. Every day, he collects news articles about anything related to the terrorist attacks and sends them to his mailing list. 

Korotkin's "labor of love" all started when he worked as a director of community building at the United Way of Passaic County.  He was working with a woman who had just lost her husband due to the attacks, and he offered to send her information and services that might help her.  Her e-mail was the first of thousands that would subscribe to his daily 9/11 updates.

In trying times, sometimes the smallest gestures can mean the most.  This is certainly the case with Arnie Korotkin's e-mail list.  When you get the chance, please take a moment to read this story on our website.  You can also subscribe to Korotkin's mailing list by e-mailing him at AMKorotkin@aol.com.

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