Wednesday, September 21, 2011

NPTtv Summary: United Way's Growth Stunted

Note: This is a summary from a story in the newest webcast of The NonProfit Times TV.

While overall giving picked up in the last year, contributions to United Way Worldwide slowed down.  According to the agency's latest figures, total income last year grew to $4.2 billion, a $100 million increase.  That amount represents a slower gain than the $255 million that the organization saw in the previous year.

The reason for this decrease seems to stem from the fact that traditional workplace giving campaigns, which is the source for a large amount of United Way's contributions, were down in 2010, according to the numbers from Giving USA.

Overall public support accounted for $3.8 of United Way's revenue.  While this is up slightly from 2009, it is still lower than the more than $4 billion raised in 2008.  To see the whole video on this story, visit NPTtv.

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