Friday, September 16, 2011

New Issue Of The NonProfit Times Released

The September 15th issue of The NonProfit Times has just been posted on our website.  Here are the articles you can expect to see:

  • Special Report: Hands-Free Fundraising: Donor management systems are starting to support mobile devices and cloud computing, one of several recent market trends that are adding value and capability to the software.
  • 'Call To Action' Films Are Winners: The Lights. Camera. Help. Festival (LCH) is providing a venue for nonprofit films to be viewed and judged.  Learn about the background of the festival, including how the films are judged.
  • Recruiters Seeking Experience, Connections: This article looks at the criteria nonprofit recruiters are using to hire new employees.
  • Texting Isn't All About Giving: One of the great technological advancements for nonprofits has been mobile fundraising.  More and more donors are using their cell phones to text in donations, but how much does it help smaller charities?

  • 2010 Funding: How did the recent downgrade of the U.S.'s credit rating affect nonprofits?
  • The First 30 Seconds: This column provides tips on how to efficiently handle telemarketing calls.  It turns out the first 30 seconds are key.
Check out this new issue today by visiting our website.

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