Thursday, May 3, 2012

Alexandria Nonprofits Cash In On Giving Day

Online giving days have been very popular recently, with cities such as Erie, N.Y. participating in a 24-hour marathon of fundraising. Alexandria, Va., which has hosted this kind of event in the past, has once again cashed in on its popularity.

The Washington Post reported that organizations in the northern Virginia city hoped to raise $200,000 in the 24-hour "Spring2ACTion Alexandria" online giving day which ended yesterday. The event encouraged donors of all income levels to give $10 or more to local charities via or by phone.

Nonprofits not only reached their goal, they exceeded it.

According to the numbers from, nonprofits raised a combined $319,333 from 3,698 donors. Last year's Spring2Action campaign raised $104,000 from more than 1,200 donors.

Casa Chirilagua, a Christian faith-based nonprofit, led all organizations with $33,774 from 186 unique donors. The Art League Inc. came in a close second, with $32,416 from 610 unique donors, which was the most donors to any organization during the event.

Spring2ACTion Alexandria was the first of three days of fundraising events in the city. A business philanthropy summit, a community service day, and a kids lemonade stand day are upcoming. You can read more about Spring2ACTion and these other events in The Washington Post.

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E. said...

How exciting! My community foundation is currently planning one of these giving days and we've got high hopes for it.

(Erie is in PA, not NY, btw.)