Monday, August 8, 2011

More On The Erie Gives Day Fundraiser

Remember the Erie Gives Day fundraiser I wrote about last week?  Looks like it was an even bigger success than originally thought.

I wrote last week that the initial tally for the event was $690,513.  According to, the final number was $771,030.  This money was raised from about 3,000 individual donors who gave over 4,900 gifts.  Here are some more notes from the fundraiser that were released by the Erie Community Foundation (ECF):
  • The average gift was $233.
  • The money raised included $100,000 added through a $75,000 matching donation from ECF and $25,000 from GE Transportation via a corporate match.
  • Jefferson Educational Society received the most money of all the nonprofits that participated in Erie Gives Day: $618,618.  The Foundation for Free Enterprise came in second with $63,316.
  • The Kanzius Foundation got the most number of donations with 247.
All participating organizations will receive their donations on Aug. 12 in a presentation at the Erie Zoo.  When you get a chance, you should read the full article at  Besides all the statistics in the article, it's pretty cool to read the reactions of the people who work at the nonprofits that got the donations.

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