Monday, August 8, 2011

Management Tip: Cause Marketing And Individual Giving

At first glance, cause marketing and individual giving don't seem like they have anything in common.  How would it ever be possible to combine them?  In the latest management tip from The NonProfit Times, Lynn Croneberger (VP of development at Reading Is Fundamental) and Laura Goodman (director of partnership at Share Our Strength) explain how these seemingly polar opposite functions can work together:

*Ask for it. Consumer data is a leveraged asset that a corporate partner might be able to provide.

*Ask for it. Make sure to ask for email addresses when building consumer/participation forms. An e-appeal might not be as effective as direct mail, but it’s a lot cheaper.

*Try it, Test, segment and test again. Design appeals that can be tested – control group, call to action and links.

*Personalize. Tailor to the individual, recognize their support, cultivate and connect.

You can read the full piece over at The NonProfit Times.  If you liked this, you can read more cause marketing advice on our Management Tips page.

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