Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Erie Gives Day Rakes In The Cash

A couple of years back, we wrote a story about Giving Days in a number of states.  Those events were met with a great deal of success, and now it appears Erie, Pennsylvania is experiencing the benefits of online philanthropy. reported today that Erie Gives Day raised $690,513 for the 223 nonprofits that were involved in the event.  Considering that the number stood at $582,038 with only two hours left, the amount raised is staggering.  Community leaders said that the cash raised will significantly boost the nonprofit sector.  The cash comes with additional meaning since organizations are expecting large reductions in state funding later in the year.  The nonprofits involved will receive their donations on August 12th at the Erie Community Foundation.

This story is not only an example of the extraordinary generosity of citizens in this country, but also of the power of online fundraising.  More and more, we are seeing that this medium can be used to great effect.  One of the more recent examples of this came in the case of Reel Grrls's spat with Comcast.

You can read more about Erie Gives Day by visiting

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