Thursday, August 4, 2011

Special Note From The Editor Of The NonProfit Times

I’m Paul Clolery, editorial director of The NonProfit Times. First, thanks for being a loyal reader. As such, you know that we do plenty of original research. I want to bring your attention, via this email, to a special research report we have been working on. It's called The Best Nonprofits to Work For.

This is an important benchmarking study that we share with all of our subscribers in exploring some of the best practices for managing manage internal and external relationships.

The real benefit for you participating is the knowledge gained in what makes an organization a viable and attractive place to work. We look at retention strategies on how employees look at their organization, what techniques and policies they find effective and also how managers perceive their own work and style.

The annual study needs your help to continue this important work. We have an independent company evaluate the study results and select what they think is the best managed nonprofits, recognizing the size of the organization and it's resources. But the real work is in the results that make all of us better nonprofit practitioners.

Simply click on the link to start the process. We will publish the results in our April, 2012 issue and I will make sure you get an executive summary as a thank you for your time and knowledge contribution.

Thanks again.

Paul Clolery
Editorial Director
The NonProfit Times

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