Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Exempt Magazine Preview

Have you heard of Exempt Magazine?  It's the sister publication of The NonProfit Times, and it focuses on the financial aspects of the nonprofit sector.  This includes asset management, planned giving, donor advised funds, banking, risk management, investments, insurance, trusts, financial software and technology.  If you have not already subscribed, we just put up 3 articles from the latest issue on the NPT website.  Here is a sample of one of those articles, entitled "Bright Lights & Big Stars":

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times: Fundraising is all about developing and building relationships with your donors and supporters. For nonprofits looking to corral a few celebrities to help their cause, it’s much the same thing.

Portland, Ore.-based Mercy Corps has been looking to connect with some of its celebrity supporters, to raise its profile, particularly during non-disaster times and among people who go beyond their usual donor base. The disaster relief organization started last summer, dedicating “a good chunk” of time and energy to examining what other organizations are doing in engaging the entertainment world. Out of that came a consensus to hire someone, based in New York or Los Angeles, to focus on the task and not let it fall by the wayside.

“We’d been trying to do this for some time and saw it as something to put longer-term resources behind, ultimately bringing a benefit to us, and thus, to people we serve around world. That’s always the motivation behind any move we make,” said Joy Portella, Mercy Corps’ director of communications.

“It’s been a lengthy process. We certainly thought about how we want to work with not just individual talent, but the whole entertainment industry,” she said. “It’s rare that an organization has just one or two celebrity spokesmen. The whole process that gets them involved with your organization involves networking in Los Angeles and New York, the entertainment industry.”

You can read the full article by clicking here.  If you are interested in seeing the other articles, go to the "articles" section on The NonProfit Times homepage.  Two of the other stories are "Your 403(b): Terminating A Plan" and "Being Flexible."

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