Thursday, August 4, 2011

Brooklyn Nonprofit Mystery

Why are 196 nonprofits registered to one Brooklyn home?  That's what investigators want to find out.

In a story in Monday's New York Post, it was reported that 196 New York nonprofits are registered to a Brooklyn house without the owners being aware of it.  As if this wasn't strange enough, some of these organizations have ties to a group of rabbis involved in money laundering and child molestation.  It sort of sounds like the plot to a bad movie.  A really bad movie.

As investigators work to figure out this mystery, the Post managed to find out some interesting tidbits.  A dozen of the registrations were traced back to a tax lawyer named Joseph Schubin.  He claimed that the multiple registrations were a mistake by the IRS.  Schubin worked at a dozen of these charities, and he explained that the IRS mistakenly put the address of this Brooklyn home, where he used to work, instead of the organizations official address.  Keep in mind that the IRS nonprofit application requires a charity register its own address.

This is a very odd story, no question about it.  It actually brings to mind a story NPT wrote recently about a man who was registered to 2,300 nonprofits out of one office building in Nevada.  Will there be any other similarities to that story?  We'll have to wait and see.  In the mean time, get the full scoop on this story at The New York Post.

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