Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nonprofit Recruiting Tips

Nonprofits have plenty of options when choosing where to recruit new employees. The most popular choice these days is online job boards.

Most employers choose to use the Internet for their recruiting because it's easier and it allows them to reach a wider audience. With the rising popularity of social networks, recruiters have even more tools at their disposal. While the Internet is definitely a great tool to use, it's important to remember there are other options at your disposal.

In their book "The Big Book of HR," Barbara Mitchell and Cornelia Gamlem remind nonprofits of the following recruiting methods to use in addition to the Internet:

  • Former Employees: Employees don't always leave their former workplaces on bad terms. If your organization has a good exit interview process, you should be able to determine which individuals left amicably, and whether you would want to bring them back.
  • Retirees: It is becoming increasingly difficult for retirees to live without some income. Consider bringing some of these individuals back to do special projects.
  • Radio/TV Ads: If you have enough room in your budget, take out an ad on the radio or TV to invite job seekers to your career website.
  • State Employment Offices: All states have offices where you can list open positions. These agencies do a great job of linking job seekers to open positions, so don’t discount the amount of help you can get from them.

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