Thursday, March 22, 2012

Group Behind Controversial Calendar Shuts Down

A Denver, Co.-based organization has agreed to cease its operations after reaching a settlement with the state over whether the group was really a nonprofit.

Fired Up For Kids would transfer all of its assets to a new group, according to a report on The group got in hot water with Colorado's Office of the Attorney General over its sale of firefighter calendars. It's website stated that all proceeds from the calendars would go to The Children's Hospital Burn Center, and it's pamphlets presented Fired Up For Kids as a nonprofit.

The Attorney General's office saw things much differently.

In December 2011, the state filed a lawsuit against Fired Up For Kids alleging the group operated as a for-profit business despite the fact that it had registered as a nonprofit. Prosecutors also accused the organization's owner, Kirsten Hamling, of using company accounts and assets for personal uses, including airline tickets and gym memberships. Hamling defended herself after the lawsuit was fired, saying that the donations to the hospital were voluntary and that she was "in no way contractually obligated" to give money to the hospital.

In the end, it appears Hamling decided it was a better course to settle rather than fight the lawsuit.

Assets for the now dissolved Fired Up For Kids will go to a new organization, Colorado Firefighter Calendar, Inc. Proceeds from the calendar will still go to the Children's Hospital Burn Center, in addition to promoting fire safety and awareness.

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