Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Community Garden Looks For Life After Nonprofit Funding

A Charlottesville, Va. community farm is trying to survive after losing funding from a nonprofit.

C-Ville reported today that the Urban Agricultural Collective of Charlottesville (UACC) had to learn quickly about the finer arts of fundraising and budget management after it lost the funding of Quality Community Council (QCC) during the fall of 2011. The nonprofit ultimately decided the farm was successful enough to stand on its own after five years of funding.

The farm's project director, Todd Neimeier, quickly formed an advisory board of community members to help determine the farm's next step. That turned out to be a partnership with Virginia Organizing, a nonprofit that serves as a fiscal agent for around 40 groups in the state. The partnership will result in the organization accepting grants and donations on behalf of the UCC. This will allow the farm to focus on its mission without having to worry about the financial aspects.

Neimeier is not just relying on the help of Virginia Organizing. UACC started a grassroots fundraising campaign to get donations from individuals in the community. The farm will also receive one final act of good will from QCC. In exchange for UACC helping out with some deliverables, the nonprofit will assist with  funding for this year's budget. Neimeier told C-Ville this was a "lifesaver" for the farm which he hopes will carry it through a good portion of the year.

You can read the full story in C-Ville.

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