Friday, September 30, 2011

Giving Day In Texas (UPDATE: 9/30/2011)

UPDATE II: North Texas Gving Day turned out to be a huge success, raking in $10.7 million for 600 nonprofits.  This far exceeded the amount expected, and set a new record for the event. 

UPDATE: As was posted in the comments, the matching funds pool is now $1 million thanks to a donation from Hunt Consolidated.  Thanks to Jake Cigainero from SparkFarm for posting the update.

Many states around the country have "giving days," when a percentage of donations to nonprofits are matched.  This gives people high incentives to donate, which was clearly seen during this year's Erie Gives DayThe NonProfit Times wrote about Colorado Giving Day in its February 2011 issue.  With the amount of money that can be raised from these events, it's no wonder that more states are having giving days of their own.

According to The Star-Telegram, Texas is planning to host a giving day of its own.  It's called the North Texas Giving Day, and it will run between 7 AM and 7 PM on Thursday.  Donors will be able to choose between 500 nonprofits in the region, with donations at $25 or higher receiving a matching donation.  Those funds will come from a pool of $700,000 that was raised by the Community Foundation of North Texas.

This will be the third year of the North Texas Giving Day.  Previous incarnations had raised a total of 9 million dollars.  This year will be slightly different, as more Tarrant County nonprofits will be represented.  Previously, the giving days had mostly benefited Dallas nonprofits.

Read more about North Texas Giving Day at their website, and make sure to read the full Star-Telegram article here.

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Unknown said...

Thanks to a generous gift from the men and women of Hunt Consolidated, North Texas Giving Day's matching funds are now at $1MM through their Hunt Cares campaign. Last minute contributions are still coming in with another $10K just added to the $1MM pool.

Tomorrow will be a great day for North Texas nonprofits!