Monday, September 26, 2011

Finding Volunteers For Special Events

Nonprofits can raise funds through a variety of different methods. While a large amount of these funds come from direct donations, special events play a large part as well. These events can be concerts, galas, special speaking events, or other large gatherings. These can take a great deal of effort, but that effort is repaid well if it's done properly.

The backbone of a great special event lies in the strength of its volunteers. You are going to want to find individuals who are totally committed to the cause for which the event is raising money. If a volunteer is not enthusiastic about it, they will likely not put as much effort into making sure things go smoothly. That's why it's important to have a solid screening process when picking volunteers. One great suggestion is to create a questionnaire for potential candidates that might include questions like: "How many people are you comfortable working with?" or "What skills are you proficient in?"

All potential volunteers should also receive a document explaining, in detail, the goals of the event, and what you expect them to do. This last point is especially key. People don't like getting surprised with work they weren't prepared for, so make sure you list everything you want your volunteers to do.

These simple tips will help you pick out quality volunteers for your big special events. Feel free to leave more ideas in the comments section.

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