Thursday, March 10, 2011

Observing trends in religious donations in the USA

This is a summary of an older story from the Nonprofit Times TV.  Want to see the story in full?  Click here.

When it comes to giving and fundraising in the nonprofit sector, religious giving has always topped the list as the main component of the overall donation total. In 2009, religious giving experienced a slight decline of 1% as compared with the previous year, whereas the nonprofit sector as a whole experienced a 7% decline over the same period. This video shares some interesting insights about the challenges that religious institutions face when it comes to attracting the attention of donors. The presentation is clear and well presented.

Challenges facing religious giving figures in the current economy

Sharing some of his thoughts on this issue is Bill Wildey, director of funds development and marketing with Church World Service. Bill says that a growing number of congregations have a growing proportion of people who are battling with unemployment, salary cuts and the loss of stability. This of course has a direct impact on the kinds of resources that are available to and in the religious sphere. One area that Church World Service is involved in heavily is that of refugee relocation and resettlement within the United States, and dealing with the associated immigration challenges can sometimes be tricky when trying to assist refugees in this way.

The business of attracting the attention of potential donors is made more challenging in light of tough economic conditions. One of the difficulties also being experienced is persuading people to exercise compassion and generosity as it relates to various humanitarian endeavors that they themselves are not impacted by. People remain far more inclined to give towards causes that they or a loved one are personally affected by. The prediction is that this will probably not be changing in the near future, with the current trend continuing well into 2011 and beyond. Have a look at this video to learn more about the fundraising challenges faced by religious organizations.

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