Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Andrew Watt Tapped as New CEO of AFP

The Association of Fundraising Professionals has chosen Andrew Watt to be their new CEO.

The latest episode of the Nonprofit Times TV gives a profile of the new President and CEO of the Virginia-based organization, which is the world's largest organization of professional fundraisers.  Before being named to his new position, Watt was the Chief Programs Officer and VP of International Development.  He joined AFP in 2006, but has been working in the fundraising since 1993.  He was previously Director of Policy for the Institute of Fundraising in the United Kingdom (he is also an Honorary Fellow of that organization).

AFP has been looking to expand its presence abroad for the past five or six years, so it makes sense that they would pick Watt.  Given his experience at the Institute of Fundraising, he was a natural fit for their organization now and in the future.  Do you agree with AFP's choice, or do you think there was a more qualified candidate they looked over?

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