Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jeff Regen on Multi-Channel Marketing

In the latest installment of the Nonprofit Times TV, Jeff Regen, Senior VP of Integrated Services at M&R Strategic Services, catches up with us after he spoke at the Direct Marketing Association's annual conference in Washington, DC.  Regen spoke at a session called Making Multi-Channel Marketing a Reality, and he talked about the value that multi-channel donors have for charities and nonprofits.  According to Regen, they are worth almost four times more than offline donors, and are worth two and a half times more than online donors, and that their retention rates are "through the roof."

In general, Regen makes a lot of great points about the value of multi-channel marketing.  While it is true that the internet is the main source of donors these days, it makes no sense to completely ignore offline donors.  By reaching out to both parties,  it makes a lot of sense that your organization would be more successful than one that limits its focus to either extreme.  Of course, this is just one opinion.  Do you think Regen is correct, or is he off-base on this point?

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