Wednesday, March 9, 2011

NASA seeks management support of the nonprofit kind

This is a look back at a past NPTV episode.  You can view the episode in it's entirety here.

NASA has announced its desire to identify a nonprofit organization to manage its international space station programs As the space shuttle program comes to an end NASA is looking for an independent research management organization to grow and manage the US portion of the space station. In 2005 the space station in question was designated a National laboratory. The NASA authorization act of 2010 directed NASA to extend station operations until 2020, as well as to establish an organization to manage station research by other US government agencies, academic institutions and private corporations.

The NASA authorization act was signed by President Barack Obama on October 11th, 2010. The act approved the spending of $58.4 billion on NASA programs over the following three years. The spending would include additional shuttle flight, the extension of the international space station, and the development of heavy-lift rocket technology. With this act in place, NASA has a strategic roadmap and has set its sights firmly on Mars. This move on the part of NASA represents an attractive prospect for the suitable organization It means that a relatively stable line of income can be secured over a significant period of time, working on a sought after and prestigious contract.

Eligibility criteria established by the authorization act

According to the NASA authorization act 2010, the organization chosen to fulfill this role has to comply with a range of criteria. The organization must be exempt from taxation under section 501C3 of the internal revenue code of 1986, and must not have any other organizational objective or responsibility on behalf of the organization, or any parent organization or other entity.

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