Friday, March 11, 2011

The American Lung Association makes it national mark

Note: This is a summary of a past story from NPTtv.  Click here to see the video of the story.

The American Lung Association, or ALA, as launched its first national PSA branding campaign in over 10 years with the objective of raising awareness and engaging the public in the mission of this public health charity which was founded about 100 years ago. The campaign incorporates television, radio, print, as well as out of home elements, all designed to place a focus on the brand platform of the ALA and tag-line, "Fighting For Air".

The ALA vision and objective

Charles D. Connor, the CEO of the ALA was quoted as saying, "We believe that 'Fighting For Air' works on multiple levels to frame the Lung Association's life-saving work." With the new ad campaign that the ALA has launched they are hoping to reconnect with long-time donors, and to increase public awareness about the association's work in providing support to people in the areas of lung disease, the research of cures and medications, fighting to keep children off tobacco and to combat the adverse effects of air pollution.

The air that American's are breathing, generally speaking, is becoming increasingly contaminated with a variety of pollutants. The need to ensure the survival of clean air is paramount to maintaining healthy human existence, and the ALA is committed to seeing this objective realized, although it is an admittedly tall order given the current framework in which the association finds itself laboring. The ALA is the leading organization of its current, and now in the second century of its existence it continues to fight for clean air on behalf of every human being that relies on it.

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