Friday, September 13, 2013

The September 15 Issue Of The NonProfit Times

Two is always better than one, and that's especially true when it comes to The NonProfit Times. We have just released the September 15 issue meaning you'll have a double dose of NPT this month.

Here's some of what you can expect to find within the pages of the new edition of NPT:

Special Report

  • Special Focus: Donor Management Software: Each year, NPT examines the benefits of donor management software and this year's edition of places the spotlight on cloud-based programs. The report also features the most up-to-date list of donor management software, including pricing.
  • Pennsylvania's Property Tax Exemption Might Go To VotersBattle lines are being drawn in Pennsylvania between the courts and the legislative bodies with nonprofits squarely in the crossfire. At issue is who gets to decide if an organization “of purely public charity” is exempt from property tax.
  • New ABS Boss Changing Fundraising ApparatusA new chief executive at the American Bible Society (ABS) is putting his mark on the 197-year-old charity, just months into his tenure. Two key development positions have been vacated and the organization switched direct response vendors since Douglas Birdsall took over as president and CEO in March.
  • Unlocking Monthly GiftsEight animals are trapped in cages but all a donor has to do is make a monthly gift to Humane Society International (HIS) and the gate is unlocked. The higher the monthly gift, more animals or larger ones are set free, not only in RL (real life) but on the Web, too.
  • Loyalty Goes Both Ways: Bridget Brandt, a former volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters, had a message to attendees of the 2013 Bridge Conference: Don't treat your volunteers like BBBS treated me.
  • Committees That WorkA well-designed planned giving committee can provide you with a remarkable advantage. However, it is important to avoid the common trap of expecting your volunteer committee members to seek planned gifts from their clients.

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