Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Grant Opportunity: Families

We are continuing to get more opportunities for our Grant Finder page, which lists available funding sources from across the Internet.

As the new listings come in, we have found that we have to create more categories than we originally started with. That was certainly the case with this newest opportunity from the Walter S. Johnson Foundation. One of its primary areas of concern is helping underprivileged families, so we created the Families category. Here is the first grant available in this new section:

Type of Grant: Families
Grant Name: Family Economic Success
Agency: Walter S. Johnson Foundation
Closing Date for Applications: None


The Walter S. Johnson Foundation seeks to help establish a financial foundation for families that are “asset poor.”

Eligible Organizations:

Organizations whose work qualifies as charitable, according to IRS definitions, in northern California and Washoe County, Nev. Initial contact should be made to the appropriate staff member. Unsolicited proposals are not accepted. Interim and final reports are required.

You can find more information at:

You can check out our other available grant opportunities on our website.

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