Thursday, January 10, 2013

Get Your Salary Structure In Order For 2013

As we head further into 2013, many people are already honoring (or breaking) their New Year's resolutions, while some others haven't quite decided what they want to change. If you count yourself among that last group, here's a good suggestion: Make better decisions with your organization's salary structure.

The NonProfit Times' 2012 Salary and Benefits Reports are great resources for nonprofit managers that have questions about whether their employees are being compensated at a level that is up to industry standards. NPT offers five reports that feature the most up-to-date information on salary and benefits based on responses from organizations from across the United States.

The most popular report is the 2012 Nonprofit Organizations Salary and Benefits Report. This detailed  report will give you the salary range for nearly 252 positions in the nonprofit sector, as well as the types of benefits these positions receive (flex days, bonuses, etc.).

The other four reports are:
  • 2012 Nonprofit Organizations Salary Report: This one is useful for organizations that already have a handle on their benefits packages, but need information to create competitive salary structures.
  • 2012 Nonprofit Organizations Benefits Report: Similar to the report above, this is the one to purchase if your nonprofit only needs help with creating competitive benefits packages for its employees.
  • 2012 Nonprofit Organizations Top Executive Positions and Special Perks Report: Nonprofit executive compensation is so important to understand thoroughly. In order to attract the best people to be a part of a nonprofit organization, a very competitive environment, you need to make sure that you offer appealing compensation packages for hiring individuals who you wish to play an important role in your organization.
  • 2012 Nonprofit Organizations New York State Salary and Benefits Report: Get the most current information available about nonprofit salaries and benefits in the state of New York. This report provides the latest and most complete salary information available on 170 nonprofit positions from entry level to the executive office including base salary, bonus practices, total cash compensation, salary increases, employee turnover, and more.
All five of these reports are available via our online store.

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