Monday, October 31, 2011

NPT'S Career Center Gets A Redesign

If you have been to the Nonprofit Jobseeker recently, you may have noticed some changes.  That's because the career center home of The NonProfit Times has undergone a complete redesign.  All of the same features that were on the site before are still there, but now it's in the same style as the NPT home page, giving the site a much more familiar feel.

At the top of the redesigned site, you will see the sections for both employers and job seekers, which include links to pages of interest for each party.  For example, the job seeker section links to our current list of nonprofit jobs, while the employer section links to the area where they can post their open positions.  The new site also makes it much easier to locate all relevant career resources.  These include job advice articles, hiring tips, links to relevant NPT offers and products, and more.  Here are some other key sections of the site:
We hope that you like the re-design of the Nonprofit Jobseeker.  Feel free to leave any feedback you have.

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