Monday, April 25, 2011

Nonprofit Jobs: The Nonprofit Jobseeker Update

Just wanted to take this opportunity to give a little update about our non profit job board, Nonprofit Jobseeker.

As always, the site contains the latest in high-quality nonprofit jobs, but we've also made some other improvements.  We always had career/hiring tips on the site, but we have recently added some new articles, and will be doing so consistently.  You can check them out at Career Strategies page or the Hiring Tips page.  For the most part, these are original articles, though some are from other sources.

When you have a chance, check them out.  And as always, if you are in the market for nonprofit jobs you should keep this site in mind.  If you are not in the mood to constantly refresh the site to see when new jobs are added, you should follow our nonprofit jobs Twitter account; anytinme a new position is added to the site, we will send out a tweet with a link to apply.

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