Monday, July 8, 2013

The Top 10 Nonprofit Jobs That Employ The Most People

According to a recent study by the Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society, nearly 7.4 percent of the world's workforce are employed at some type of nonprofit. The report doesn't state what types of jobs are the most popular, but that's exactly the kind of data The NonProfit Times' Salary and Benefits Reports has handy.

The Reports, released by NPT annually, contain data collected from over 1,000 nonprofit professionals through a survey conducted by Bluewater Nonprofit Services. This information is invaluable to organizations that are unsure whether their compensation packages are in-line with similar agencies.

The Reports also provide useful glimpse inside the nonprofit workforce, which includes the jobs that employ the most people. According to last year's data, the 10 most popular positions were:

  • Director Care Counselor -- 8.75 percent
  • Personal Attendant/Home Health Care Worker -- 4.54 percent
  • Case Manager, Mid-Level -- 3.59 percent
  • Program Manager -- 3.35 percent
  • Program Director -- 2.59 percent
  • Senior/Adult Program Assistant -- 2.55 percent
  • CEO/President/Executive Director -- 2.47 percent
  • Program Coordinator -- 2.22 percent
  • Teacher, Pre-School/Kindergarten -- 2.15 percent
  • Teaching Assistant, Pre-School/Kindergarten -- 2.14 percent
We are currently in the process of collecting data for our 2013 Reports, and recently extended the deadline for participants to complete their surveys to July 26th. Those who complete on-time will have a chance to win a free iPad Mini and will receive a complete executive summary of the survey results.

Start the 2013 Salary and Benefits Survey today and help all nonprofits with their financial needs.

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