Thursday, March 28, 2013

4 Reasons Your Nonprofit Isn't Having Fundraising Success

Fundraising can be considered a game of chance. Sometimes you win; sometimes you lose. If your nonprofit is losing much more often than winning, however, there could be something wrong with the way you are playing the game.

In the book "Five Good Ideas,"  Ross McGregor, former CEO of Ketchum Canada, lists some of the more common reasons nonprofits don't experience more fundraising success. One of the practices he most highly recommends avoiding is to hire a fundraising consultant to ask for support on your behalf. These individuals should instead be used, McGregor said, to help shape your overall fundraising strategy.

McGregor also listed four other mistakes organizations make in their fundraising practices:
  • They don’t ask;
  • They don’t make fundraising a priority;
  • They hope that their good work will automatically attract financial support; and,
  • They fear rejection.

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Yvonne said...

I wonder how often the issue is that the organization doesn't, as a whole, value or understand fundraising?