Thursday, October 4, 2012

Study: Planned Giving Donors In Unlikely Places

A new study by the Stelter Company in Des Moines, Iowa revealed that nonprofits may need to reinvent the way they go searching for planned giving donors.

The report 2012 Stelter Donor Insight Report, revealed that of the 401 individuals surveyed, one-fifth say they had never donated to the nonprofit at the time of their planned gift. Another 20 percent said they had been donating to the nonprofit for less than five years. This seems to indicate that a significant portion of donors are defying the traditional loyalty model ascribed to planned givers.

"This was one of the findings that we think is key to unlocking success for nonprofits," said Bev Hutney, Stelter's director of innovation and research, in a press release. "For example, just introducing the topic of planned giving much earlier in the conversation and targeting a wider group of people than what they do currently could really make a significant difference for a charitable organization,”

Another surprising aspect of the Stelter Study was the revelation that the individuals who are most likely to make a planned gift are adults aged 40 to 49. Specifically, 40 percent of Americans in that age range say they will "definitely or probably" make a planned gift, while only 10 percent of those aged 70 and older say the same.

Below are additional findings that came from the Study:
  • The South has emerged as an increasingly lucrative market for nonprofits, with 29 percent of best prospects and 20 percent of current planned givers.
  • In terms of political leanings, a greater percentage of planned givers are registered Republicans (39 percent) than Democrats (25 percent). But of the best prospects, 33 percent are Democrats while only 24 percent are Republicans.
  • Never-married singles make up only 13 percent of current planned givers, but they represent 23 percent of best prospects.
You can download the full version of the 2012 Donor Insight Report on Stelter's website.

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