Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Linking An Event To Your Mission

Special events are very popular among nonprofit leaders as they allow them to raise money without actually talking about raising money. That's exactly the wrong approach, according to Jeff Shuck, president and CEO of Event 360, Inc.

Shuck said at a recent DMA Nonprofit Federation New York Nonprofit Conference that organizations need to use events not as a way to avoid fundraising conversations, but as a way to spark them. Following are the areas emphasized by Shuck, and then the key metrics for each:

  • Event: Number of events, participant satisfaction, repeat attendance.
  • Participants: number of participants, registration time, team participation.
  • Donors: Number of donors, donors per participant, percentage of participants with zero donors, percentage of self-donations and goal, number of emails sent per participant.
  • Gifts: Number of gifts, amount per gift.
  • Revenue: Return on investment (ROI), compound annual growth rate, growth against the national benchmark.
Shuck also suggested the following action steps: Drive team participation (possibly through team captains), consider registration fee incentives, be careful not to undermine the fundraising culture, segment and focus on getting participants with goals off the dime.

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