Friday, June 1, 2012

The June 1 Edition Of The NonProfit Times Is Online!

Now that June has finally arrived, we are well on our way to summer! That means a lot of time at the beach and (hopefully) a lot of relaxing days. The arrival of the new month also means a new edition of The NonProfit Times. We are very happy to announced that the June 1, 2012 edition is now online!

Let's take a look at what articles are featured in the new issue:

Special Report

  • When Words Become Actions: This month's special report focuses on national service. Specifically, it takes a look at how the different generations of volunteers are linked.
  • Are There No Prisons?: Our editor-in-chief takes on the misguided notion that poverty is the individual's fault.
  • Structural Leadership GapsSome nonprofits are in danger of becoming climax forests. This is one of the two major sources of structural leadership gaps in nonprofits today.
Be sure to read the stories in full on our website. If you have subscribed to the digital edition of NPT, you will be able to click the magazine animation on the page to access the entire issue.

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