Friday, May 25, 2012

How To Use Flickr For Your Nonprofit

When a nonprofit wants to share photos from a recent event, they tend to turn to Facebook and other social media resources. There's another site out there, however, that can be just as useful for photo sharing.

The site that we are talking about is called Flickr. It has gained popularity in recent years for creating an easy-to-use platform to store all of your photos. It also provides tools that allow you to share these photos with all your followers with just the click of the mouse. Sounds good, but how can you make it work for your nonprofit?

In “Nonprofit Management 101,” Beth Kanter, CEO of Zoetica, listed three examples of how you can use Flickr to tell your story:
  • An international organization sends volunteer doctors to developing countries to perform medical services. The impact of their work is documented with photos, which are uploaded to the nonprofit’s private Flickr group. This allows volunteers to exchange photos and related stories and provides an image bank for use on the organization’s website and blog.
  • An environmental organization that supports organic farmers had thousands of amazing photographs documenting organic farming techniques. The organization uploaded the photos to Flickr, then enlisted volunteers and members to help organize and share the photos.
  • Volunteers and photographers at an animal shelter had taken beautiful photos of the dogs and cats at the facility. The organization uploaded the photos to Flickr and created thank-you cards featuring the pets for their donors.

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