Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Komen-Planned Parenthood Links

UPDATE: We have learned that Susan G. Komen For the Cure is reversing their decision on Planned Parenthood.  Stay tuned for more details.

UPDATE 2: Added a link to our new story on Komen.

UPDATE 3: Karen Handel, Susan G. Komen's senior vice president, has announced her resignation.  Added link to NPT's developing story.


The NonProfit Times has been working tirelessly to bring readers the latest news on the spat between Susan G. Komen For the Cure and Planned Parenthood.  We recently published two articles on the story, one covering the initial news, and another detailing the fundraising that has resulted from the controversy.

Given the nature of this story, new news can break at any moment.  Pay close to attention to our website to see if there is any new information on it, or sign up for our newsletters for additional information.  In the mean time, we would like to direct readers to other articles on this developing story.  So without any further ado, here are some recent articles on the Komen-Planned Parenthood controversy:

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